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Records from POLAND for sale

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CHORUS & DISCO COMPANY -Discoland (item w11114)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ DISCO EX/NM (cover/record) $15.99
TUTINAS,Teresa -Gorzko mi. (item w11094)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP VG-/NM (cover/record) $19.99
KAROLAK,Wojciech -Easy! (item w11071)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $79.99
Henryk DEBICH (STRING BEAT) & ORKIESTRA PR I TV W LODZI -Niezapomniane melodie (item w11062)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/VG+ (cover/record) $19.99
POLOMSKI, Jerzy -Jerzy Polomski (item w11047)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $29.99
ISABELLA'S VOCAL GROUP -Wieczory zakochanych (item w11042)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $19.99
ISABELLA'S VOCAL GROUP -Chlopcy ktorych kocham (item w11041)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ POP EX/NM (cover/record) $19.99
MIZER,Jozef INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE -Melodie z usmiechem (item w11040)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $47.99
URBANSKA,Liliana -Liliana Urbanska -unplayed (item w11037)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $79.99
GRUPA BLUESOWA STODOLA -Bluselka (item w11036)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $79.99
BOVERY,Katarzyna -Katarzyna Bovery (item w10927)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ POP VG/NM (cover/record) $11.99
WRONSKI,Tadeusz -Violin concert - BERG. Violin concert - TURSKI. (item w10869)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL EX/NM (cover/record) $39.99
SOSNICKA,Zdzislawa & Piotr FIGIEL -Zdzislawa Sosnicka (item w10863)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ SOUL VG/VG- (cover/record) $4.99
SKALDOWIE -Skaldowie (item w10862)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ BEAT VG/VG- (cover/record) $4.99
PENDERECKI,Krzysztof -Strophes (item w10826)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL EX/NM (cover/record) $19.99
DREAM EXPRESS -Just wanna dance with you (item w10804)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ DISCO EX/EX (cover/record) $10.99
DREAM EXPRESS -Dream Express (item w10791)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ DISCO EX/EX (cover/record) $11.99
NIEMEN,Czeslaw -Dziwny jest ten swiat (item w10789)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ PSYCHEDELIC VG/VG (cover/record) $11.99
BOVERY,Katarzyna -Katarzyna Bovery (item w10779)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ POP VG/VG+ (cover/record) $4.99
TEST -Test I Wojciech Gasowski (item w10763)
LADYSZ,Bernard -Old english, scottish and irish songs (item w10699)
/EP POLAND MUZA/ FOLK, ETHNIC VG+/EX (cover/record) $4.99
NOVI SINGERS -Novi Sing Chopin (item w10672)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $49.99
BREAKOUT & Mira KUBASINSKA -Ogien (item w10659)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ PROGRESSIVEROCK VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $39.99
MAZOWSZE -Polish song and dance ensemble (item w10650)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FOLK, ETHNIC VG/NM (cover/record) $4.99
BREAKOUT -70a (item w10589)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ PSYCHEDELIC VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $79.99
SBB -Pamiec (item w10570)
DO CARMO,Carlos -Carlos Do Carmo (item w10551)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP EX/VG+ (cover/record) $11.99
Max ROACH AND Clifford BROWN -In Concert (item w10536)
/LP POLAND POLJAZZ/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $11.99
LECH,Jacek & CZERWONO-CZARNI -Badz dziewczyna moich marzen (item w10532)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ ROCK VG/G (cover/record) $4.99
BUDKA SUFLERA -Na brzegu swiatla (item w10518)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ ROCK VG/EX (cover/record) $4.99
NIEMEN -Postscriptum (item w10517)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ SOUL VG+/EX (cover/record) $4.99
CZERWONE GITARY -Port piratow (item w10513)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FUNK VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $4.99
ANDRZEJ i ELIZA -Buty, buty (item w10511)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ FOLK, ETHNIC VG+/EX (cover/record) $4.99
SWINIE -Swinie (item w10510)
/LP POLAND POLTON/ PUNK EX/EX (cover/record) $19.99
RARE BIRD -Rare Bird (item w10508)
POD-BUDA -Postscriptum (item w10507)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ ROCK EX/NM (cover/record) $4.99
BUDKA SUFLERA -Za ostatni grosz (item w10506)
/LP POLAND TONPRESS/ ROCK NM/NM (cover/record) $11.99
BUDKA SUFLERA -Czas czekania, czas olsnienia (item w10505)
/LP POLAND POLTON/ ROCK EX/VG+ (cover/record) $4.99
SUPER DUO -Gluche krokodyle (item w10504)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FOLK, ETHNIC VG/NM (cover/record) $1.99
POD-BUDA -Postscriptum (item w10503)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ ROCK VG+/NM (cover/record) $4.99
HAPPY END -Jaksie Masz Kochanie (item w10497)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ DISCO VG/NM (cover/record) $4.99
STRING BEAT -String Beat (item w10490)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FUNK NM/NM (cover/record) $179.99
GOLD WASHBOARD -Rollin' on (item w10484)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $19.99
FILIPINKI -To my (item w10395)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP VG+/EX (cover/record) $79.99
KATOWICE RADIO ORCHESTRA -Zaspol rozglosni Katowickiej PR Metrum (item w10386)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/EX (cover/record) $79.99
RADIO DANCE ORCHESTRA -Zapraszamy do tanca (item w10377)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $19.99
CZERWONE GITARY -Port piratow (item w10368)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FUNK VG+/EX (cover/record) $10.99
BREAKOUT -Nol (item w10362)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FUNK VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $11.99
CHALTURNIK -Kto tak pieknie gra (item w10323)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $4.99
CHORUS & DISCO COMPANY -Swiatla dyskoteki (item w10300)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FUNK VG+/EX (cover/record) $15.99