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JAZZ records for sale

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BURKE,Elena -Elena (item w14609)
/LP CUBA AREITO/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $69.99
IGNATIEV,Victor ENSEMBLE -Ignatiev Ensemble (item w14579)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG+/NM (cover/record) $79.99
JAZZ CARRIERS -Carry On (item w14576)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $69.99
Teresa TUTINAS with Piotr FIGIEL ENSEMBLE -Jak cie mily zatrzymac (item w14572)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ EX/EX (cover/record) $89.99
ARAGON -Cha Aragon Cha (item w14571)
/LP CUBA PALMA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $49.99
ALMEIDA,Juan -En este parque (item w14569)
/LP CUBA AREITO/ JAZZ EX/EX (cover/record) $29.99
BINGE,Ronald -Summer rain (item w14568)
MELODIA ENSEMBLE -Your fafourite songs (item w14559)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $39.99
MELODIA ENSEMBLE -Popular mosaic (item w14558)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ EX/VG (cover/record) $29.99
LOOP, Uno -Uno Loop sings (item w14557)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ EX/EX (cover/record) $69.99
GRUPO MONUMENTAL -Cuba (item w14542)
/LP CUBA AREITO/ JAZZ VG/VG (cover/record) $14.99
Unknown -listen audiosample -Unrecognized song X-RAY film roentgenizdat flexi (item w14526)
/roentgen flexi USSR, RUSSIA PRIVATE/ JAZZ VG+ (cover/record) $19.99
Unknown -listen audiosample -Instrumental track X-RAY film roentgenizdat flexi (item w14525)
/roentgen flexi USSR, RUSSIA PRIVATE/ JAZZ VG (cover/record) $19.99
Unknown -listen audiosample -Instrumental track X-RAY film roentgenizdat flexi (item w14524)
/roentgen flexi USSR, RUSSIA PRIVATE/ JAZZ G (cover/record) $19.99
Fleetwood Mac, Duke Ellington, Delta operator, Varlamov Jazz Orchestra -KRUGOZOR magazine +6 flexies 1989 Fleetwood Mac (item w14487)
/flexi USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $39.99
KURYOKHIN,Sergei -Polynesia Introduction to the History (item w14332)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG/EX (cover/record) $39.99
Karel Gott, Horst Kruger Septett, Thomas Luck, Henry Kotowski, Ingrid Raak, Peter Albert -Mexico (item w14331)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA AMIGA/ JAZZ VG/NM (cover/record) $89.99
HAGAW -Ich hab' das Fraeulein Helen Baden sehen (item w14330)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA AMIGA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $89.99
Jeanne JOHNSON, BLUES-COMBO, JAZZ-OPTIMISTEN-BERLIN, Gerry WOLFF -Traditional Jazz Studio NR.1 (item w14329)
/LP EAST GERMANY AMIGA/ JAZZ POOR/VG (cover/record) $3.99
ROJAS,Nico -Nico Rojas (item w14328)
/LP CUBA PALMA/ JAZZ VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $79.99
Juan ALMEIDA, Beatriz MARQUEZ -Juan ALMEIDA, Beatriz MARQUEZ (item w14327)
/LP CUBA AREITO/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $79.99
GOTT,Karel, NOVI SINGERS -Golden Orpheus 1972 (item w14321)
/LP BULGARIA BALKANTON/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $89.99
Ferdinand HAVLIK SWING BAND -Swing, swing, swing (item w14313)
KALEMBA,Zbigniew -W tanecznych rytmach - piano dance rhythms (item w14310)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/EX (cover/record) $249.99
AURA URZICEANU -Once I Loved (item w14306)
/LP ROMANIA ELECTRECORD/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $59.99
ARSENAL -Sport & Music Pulse 3 (item w14299)
/12 inch USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ EX/VG+ (cover/record) $39.99
Uno LOOP, Marju KUUT -Uno Loop, Marju Kuut (item w14259)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ EX/EX (cover/record) $79.99
BROM,Gustav -W tanecznych rytmach (item w14258)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/EX (cover/record) $24.99
VARIETY ORCHESTRA OF THE BULGARIAN RADIO AND TV -Variety Orchestra of the Bulgarian Radio and Television (item w14249)
/LP BULGARIA BALKANTON/ JAZZ VG+/NM (cover/record) $89.99
MELODIA ENSEMBLE -Popular mosaic (item w14241)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ EX/EX (cover/record) $69.99
MELODIA ENSEMBLE -Labyrinth (item w14240)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG/EX (cover/record) $39.99
MELODIA ENSEMBLE -Concert in Bombay (item w14239)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG+/VG (cover/record) $7.99
Ernie Wilkins, Clark Terry, Johnny Griffin, Nathan Davis, Maynard Ferguson -Big Band RTB with American guests (item w14238)
/LP YUGOSLAVIA RTB/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $69.99
MANUSARDI,Guido Sture NORDIN, Al HEATH -Trio de jazz (item w14237)
/LP ROMANIA ELECTRECORD/ JAZZ VG+/NM (cover/record) $59.99
LEVINOVSKY JAZZ BAND ALLEGRO -Sphinx top mint unplayed (item w14235)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $49.99
ITS Teruhisa Tougou, Sumie Shima, Kimoto Izumi -It's love (item w14226)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG+/EX (cover/record) $29.99
VAINSTEIN,Josef -Jazz Orchestra of Josef Vainstein - Leningrad 1959 coloured vinyl (item w14220)
/10 inch USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG/VG (cover/record) $29.99
TRIO MANUSARDI -Impresii din vacanta (item w14215)
/LP ROMANIA ELECTRECORD/ JAZZ NM/VG+ (cover/record) $69.99
/LP BULGARIA BALKANTON/ JAZZ VG+/EX (cover/record) $59.99
BRUBECK,Dave -Dave Brubeck in Moscow (item w14206)
/2LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG+/NM (cover/record) $39.99
RUNDFUNK-TANZORCHESTER BERLIN -Evergreens in swing (item w14204)
/LP EAST GERMANY AMIGA/ JAZZ VG/EX (cover/record) $39.99
MELODIA ENSEMBLE -Besame mucho (item w14203)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG/VG+ (cover/record) $19.99
SLOVACEK,Felix -Ladislav Stadl a jeho orchestr (item w14202)
PARKER,Charlie -Charlie Parker in Sweden 1950 (item w14199)
/LP YUGOSLAVIA SOKOJ/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $79.99
BARBER,Chris -Chris Barber v Praze (item w14197)
/LP CZECHOSLOVAKIA PANTON/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $129.99
Leonardo TIMOR - trumpet, Rafael Somavilla - piano etc. -Cuba Instrumental (item w14133)
/LP CUBA AREITO/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $39.99
INSTRUMENTAL ORQUESTA EGREM -Habana 9 P.M. cover only, no record. (item w14077)
/LP CUBA AREITO/ JAZZ VG+ (cover/record) $4.99
CLASSIC JAZZ COLLEGIUM -Ellingtonia - covers of Duke Ellington (item w14049)
PETERSON,Oscar -Oscar Peterson Trio Live in Paris, 1978 (item w14027)
/2LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ VG+/EX (cover/record) $39.99
ARMSTRONG,Louis -Lui Armstrong USSR LP (item w14021)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MELODIYA/ JAZZ EX/EX (cover/record) $34.99