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BRS records for sale

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PRINCE -Graffiti bridge (item w18415)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA BRS/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $19.99
R.E.M. -Out of Time (item w15776)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA BRS/ POP EX/VG+ (cover/record) $19.99
DEPECHE MODE -Violator (item w15246)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA BRS/ ROCK EX/VG+ (cover/record) $24.99
PRINCE -Graffiti bridge (item w14901)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA BRS/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $19.99
BEATLES -The Beatles Hits (item w14883)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA BRS/ BEATLES EX/EX (cover/record) $19.99
BEATLES -The Beatles Hits (item w14253)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA BRS/ BEATLES NM/NM (cover/record) $29.99
PRINCE -Prince (item w10005)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA BRS/ POP EX/NM (cover/record) $14.99
STING -Sting - former USSR pressing (item w06291)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA BRS/ ROCK NM/NM (cover/record) $8.99