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MUZA records for sale

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Jean THIBAULT -Songs of Paris Boulevards (item w18057)
/10 inch POLAND MUZA/ FRENCH POP VG/EX (cover/record) $19.99
Aleksandra UTRECHT -Bach 30 inventions for piano (item w17895)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL VG/VG (cover/record) $19.99
Wanda WILKOMIRSKA, Charles TREGER -Szymanowski Violin concertos No. 1 & 2 (item w17893)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL EX/NM (cover/record) $39.99
FILIPINKI -Filipinki - Polish 1960s girls band (item w17667)
/10 inch POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $69.99
Elizabeth CHARLES & Z.WICHARY ORCHESTRA -Jazz-carnival (item w17663)
/10 inch POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $69.99
Irena SANTOR -Irena Santor (item w17659)
/10 inch POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $39.99
W. ANTKOWIAK, Z. DZIEWIATKOWSKI & J. KANL ENSEMBLE -Tropical rhythms (item w17658)
/10 inch POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $39.99
Halina FRACKOWIAK -Ide (item w17618)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $49.99
Ewa BEM with SWING SESSION -Be a man (item w17615)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $29.99
NOVI -Rien ne va plus (item w17611)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $79.99
Niki KAMBA, Monique LEYRAC, Jean TURNER, Patsy Ann NOBLE, Lasse MARTENSON -Sopot 65 (item w17445)
/10 inch POLAND MUZA/ POP EX/EX (cover/record) $39.99
NIEMEN -Requiem For Van Gogh 2LP Vol1 & Vol.2 (item w17414)
Zdzislawa SOSNICKA -Zdzislawa Sosnicka (item w17413)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ SOUL NM/NM (cover/record) $79.99
BIG BAND KATOWICE -Music for my friends MINT (item w17412)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FUNK NM/NM (cover/record) $79.99
Andrzej TRZASKOWSKI QUINTET -Polish Jazz Vol. 4 (item w17411)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $59.99
Jolanta KUBICKA -Swiatlo w lesie (item w17394)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/EX (cover/record) $49.99
Jerzy ZURAWLEW -Recital Chopinowski Chopin (item w17277)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL EX/NM (cover/record) $69.99
Teresa TUTINAS -Od dzis nie bedzie jutra, Nie zawiodlo mnie przeczucie etc. (item w16887)
/EP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/EX (cover/record) $29.99
NURT -Nurt - Rare early 1970s Heavyrock, progressiverock Poland (item w16670)
ARP-LIFE -Jumbo jet (item w16492)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ DISCO NM/NM (cover/record) $34.99
Henryk CZYZ -Penderecki Passio Et Mors Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Secundum Lucam (item w16457)
/LP USSR, RUSSIA MUZA/ CLASSICAL EX/NM (cover/record) $9.99
Andrzej TRZASKOWSKI QUINTET -Polish Jazz Vol. 4 (item w16409)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $79.99
Henryk MAJEWSKI -Swing session (item w16242)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/EX (cover/record) $9.99
SKALDOWIE -Stworzenia swiata czesc druga (item w16147)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG/NM (cover/record) $79.99
Adam MAKOWICZ -Unit (item w16080)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $59.99
Jan PTASZYN WROBLEWSKI & Wojciech KAROLAK -Mainstream (item w16077)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $29.99
NAMYSLOWSKI,Zbigniew -Zbigniew Namyslowski MINT (item w16074)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $44.99
EXTRA BALL -Go Ahead (item w16073)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $29.99
LIVIN' BLUES -Live UNPLAYED LP (item w15706)
Henyk DEBICH & Orkiestra PR i TV w Lodzi -String Beat (item w15547)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FUNK VG/EX (cover/record) $59.99
LIVIN' BLUES -Blue Breeze (item w15335)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ ROCK EX/EX (cover/record) $29.99
Ewa BEM -Be a man (item w15247)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $34.99
KURYLEWICZ ORGAN SEXTET, Jerzy HERMAN, COMEDA etc. -Early polish jazz piano players. Improvising jazz series. (item w15154)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG/NM (cover/record) $24.99
SANTOR,Irena -cdn (item w15128)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $29.99
AUBRET, RIENZO, LANGLOIS, TRAVERSI, BOCARA, ALGARA, MARGA, RUNG -International festival Sopot (item w14968)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ FRENCH POP VG/VG (cover/record) $9.99
Grazyna BACEWICZ, THE WARSAW PIANO QUINTET -Piano quintets (item w14930)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL VG/VG+ (cover/record) $4.99
MAKOWICZ,Adam -Unit -mint unplayed (item w14915)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $69.99
DOBROWOLSKI,Jan Fryderyk -The Art Of Improvisation -unplayed (item w14898)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $129.99
Wiktor KOLANKOWSKI -Hammond Przeboj za przebojem (item w14876)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/NM (cover/record) $49.99
Wlodzimierz NAHORNY -Jej portret (item w14872)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $49.99
HESSE-BUKOWSKA, Barbara -piano -PADEREWSKI piano concerto in A minor, ballade for piano (item w14846)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL VG+/EX (cover/record) $14.99
Bill HALEY & THE COMETS -Rock and roll -POLAND MUZA 2417 (item w14836)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ ROCK & ROLL, ROCKABILLY EX/NM (cover/record) $14.99
Gustav BROM -Invitation to dance (item w14826)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP VG/NM (cover/record) $14.99
Horst JANKOWSKI -Horst JANKOWSKI and his orchestra (item w14819)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $4.99
SMITH,Michael -Geomusic (item w14813)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/NM (cover/record) $14.99
NAMYSLOWSKI, KAROLAK, WROBLEWSKI, SADOWSKI -All Stars After Hours 1973 jam session- mint unplayed (item w14777)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $39.99
Mark MURPHY & Erik MOSEHOLM TRIO, Maynard FERGUSON, Aladar PEGE, Adam MAKOWICZ TRIO, RETUPERA BAND -Jazz Jamboree 69 UNPLAYED (item w14764)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/NM (cover/record) $79.99
CHALTURNIK -Namyslowski, Wroblewski, Muniak, Lucja Prus -Kto tak pieknie gra -unplayed (item w14756)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $39.99
JAZZ BAND BALL ORCHESTRA -Home (item w14754)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $39.99