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WIFON records for sale

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PRUS,Lucja -Lucja Prus (item w13954)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $89.99
MAREK AND VACEK -Marek & Vacek (item w13389)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ JAZZ NM/VG (cover/record) $9.99
STREISAND,Barbra -A Collection Greatest hits and more (item w13352)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ POP VG/NM (cover/record) $19.99
BEM,Ewa -I co z tego masz? (item w13229)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ POP EX/EX (cover/record) $39.99
BILINSKI,Marek -Ogrod krola switu (item w11137)
POD-BUDA -Postscriptum (item w10507)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ ROCK EX/NM (cover/record) $4.99
POD-BUDA -Postscriptum (item w10503)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ ROCK VG+/NM (cover/record) $4.99
FRACKOWIAK,Halina (+Krystina PRONKO) -Serca gwiazd (item w09816)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ POP VG+/NM (cover/record) $4.99
FRACKOWIAK,Halina -Serca gwiazd (item w09267)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ POP VG+/NM (cover/record) $4.99
WARWICK,Dionne -Zlote Przeboje (item w07733)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $8.99
FRACKOWIAK,Halina -Serca gwiazd (item w03788)
/LP POLAND WIFON/ POP VG+/EX (cover/record) $4.99