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Vinyl records, roentgen-film records, CDs from USSR/Russia, East Europe, Cuba

Graded as cover/record. Priced in Euros. International shipping is available worldwide except for EU, Australia & NZ. Shipping to Brazil, Chile, Mexico is available again after long break caused by COVID. You can pay only directly with wire transfer to bank account. Trade offers are welcome: I can swap any records offered here for 1960s-1970s rock LPs.
Email: wanderer_records (at) yahoo.com

ROMANE GIL'A - Anthology of gipsy songs - unplayed (Item w08174)

NM/NM (cover/record) 0 17 1389, +book, 1973 LP of 1958-1972 field recordings in East and South Slovakia and North Moravia. Record appears unplayed.

ROMANE GIL'A - Anthology of gipsy songs - unplayed