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Records from POLAND for sale

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SADOWSKI,Krzysztof -Swing Party (item w06840)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/EX (cover/record) $4.99
KAROLAK, Wojciech & Jan PTASZYN WROBLEWSKI -Mainstream (item w06830)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/EX (cover/record) $12.99
NOVI SINGERS & Alexander MAZUR QUARTET -Bacharach (item w06807)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/EX (cover/record) $9.99
OLD TIMERS -Hallo Hold the line (item w06806)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $14.99
SZCZUREK, Witold -Basspace (item w06766)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ VG/EX (cover/record) $4.99
BLIZINSKI,Marek -Wave (item w06765)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ VG/EX (cover/record) $4.99
MUNIAK, Janusz QUINTET -Placebo (item w06763)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ VG/NM (cover/record) $4.99
TUTINAS,Teresa, Jolanta KUBICKA, Anna JANTAR etc. -Horoskopy (item w06737)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP EX/VG+ (cover/record) $7.99
RODOWICZ,Maryla -Rok -unplayed (item w06603)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ ROCK EX/NM (cover/record) $14.99
STRING CONNECTION -Workoholic (item w06573)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ VG/EX (cover/record) $4.99
KOTERBSKA,Maria -EN 046 (item w06549)
/EP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $11.99
WOZNIAKOWSKI,Tadeusz -Piosenki spod siodla (item w06370)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ COUNTRY VG+/NM (cover/record) $8.99
RODOWICZ,Maryla -Wyznanie (item w06338)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ ROCK VG-/VG (cover/record) $4.99
TUTINAS,Teresa -Teresa Tutinas (item w06270)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ SOUL EX/EX (cover/record) $19.99
DES,Henri -Henri Des - POL (item w06252)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ FRENCH POP VG-/VG- (cover/record) $7.99
DANIEL -Co najwieksze (item w06113)
/flexi POLAND PRIVATE/ ROCK EX (cover/record) $4.99
JAROCKA & ZACHAREWICZ, ARRLOW -Kocha sie raz / Bessie (item w06111)
/flexi POLAND PRIVATE/ POP EX (cover/record) $4.99
Mark MURPHY & Erik MOSEHOLM TRIO, Maynard FERGUSON, Aladar PEGE, Adam MAKOWICZ TRIO, RETUPERA BAND -Jazz Jamboree 69 (item w06095)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG/EX (cover/record) $29.99
PARTITA -Niech ziemia tonie w kwiatach (item w06075)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $14.99
CHORUS & DISCO COMPANY -Swiatla dyskoteki (item w06073)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ DISCO NM/NM (cover/record) $14.99
WROBLEWSKA, Marianna -Feelings (item w06068)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $11.99
FRAGER,Malkolm -Schumann Symphonic Etudes op. 13, Sonata op. 22. (item w05963)
/LP POLAND VERITON/ CLASSICAL EX/NM (cover/record) $29.99
KUOPPAMAKI,Jukka -Take my heart (item w05918)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ POP G/G (cover/record) $1.99
HAPPY END -Ballada o marii Magdalenie (item w05885)
/flexi POLAND TONPRESS/ DISCO VG+/EX (cover/record) $4.99
HAPPY END -Zza siedmiu gor/Chyba moze tak byc (item w05884)
/flexi POLAND TONPRESS/ DISCO VG+/EX (cover/record) $4.99
ESCOBAR,Manolo -Grand Prix - Sopot 70 (item w05879)
/EP POLAND MUZA/ POP VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $8.99
SKOWRONSKI,Wojciech -Blues & Rock (item w05863)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ ROCK EX/NM (cover/record) $14.99
GLANEAU,Rene Michaj BURANO, Slawa PRZYBYLSKA -Z melodia I piosenka dookola swiata 6 (item w05782)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP EX/NM (cover/record) $29.99
FILIPINKI -1965 orig. - polish girl band (item w05781)
/10 inch POLAND PRONIT/ POP VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $14.99
NAMYSLOWSKI,Zbigniew -Zbigniew Namyslowski (item w05726)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $49.99
KOTERBSKA,Maria -Nie mowmy, ze to milosc.. (item w05616)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ EX/VG+ (cover/record) $19.99
KOZLOWSKA,Stenia -Daj mi swiat (item w05603)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ POP VG+/VG (cover/record) $4.99
NAMYSLOWSKI,Zbigniew -Zbigniew Namyslowski (item w05567)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG+/VG+ (cover/record) $14.99
Darts, Matchbox, Flying Saucers, Chas and Dave -Rock'n'roll (item w05479)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ ROCK & ROLL, ROCKABILLY VG+/EX (cover/record) $4.99
Henryk CZYZ -Penderecki Passio Et Mors Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Secundum Lucam (item w05404)
/2LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL VG/NM (cover/record) $19.99
ORKIESTRA WOJCIECHA TRZCINSKIEGO -Muzyka dla ciebie (item w05379)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ VG/VG+ (cover/record) $14.99
TAJFUNY & SIOSTRY PANAS -Zly chlopak/Jak ty mnie tak ja tobie/Z glowa w niebie/Dziwny malarz (item w05321)
/EP POLAND MUZA/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $4.99
JAROCKA,Irena -Byc narzeczona twa (item w05301)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ FUNK VG/NM (cover/record) $8.99
GANG MARCELA -Tyle zlamanych serc (item w05290)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ POP VG+/NM (cover/record) $4.99
SKALDOWIE -Skaldowie (item w05199)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ PSYCHEDELIC VG/VG- (cover/record) $4.99
TERCET EGZOTYCZNY -La cumparsita (4) (item w05188)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $11.99
TERCET EGZOTYCZNY -3rd (item w05187)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $11.99
TERCET EGZOTYCZNY -Gorace Rytmy (item w05186)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $11.99
SKALDOWIE -Ty (item w05156)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ PSYCHEDELIC VG+/VG- (cover/record) $4.99
PARTITA -Jesienia zima latem (item w05124)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ EX/NM (cover/record) $29.99
NAMYSLOWSKI,Zbigniew -Winobranie (item w05113)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ JAZZ NM/NM (cover/record) $29.99
PADEREWSKI -HESSE-BUKOWSKA, Barbara -piano (item w05074)
/LP POLAND MUZA/ CLASSICAL VG+/EX (cover/record) $11.99
KOLANKOWSKI,Wiktor -Gra swoje melodie (item w04899)
/LP POLAND PRONIT/ JAZZ VG+/NM (cover/record) $29.99
ZYLSKA,Natasza, Rena Rolska -Pikulina/Wolam cie (item w04767)
/7 inch POLAND MUZA/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $1.99
VILLAS,Violetta -Przyjdzie na to czas/ Czerdziesci kasztanow/Jozek (item w04765)
/EP POLAND PRONIT/ POP NM/NM (cover/record) $4.99